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"Yes that's the video.. there's even a funny pic with Kisaki reading smth and Jui eating sushi and he makes a funny face (like Kisaki would be reading that sushi causes impotence) :D I think you know the pic too, its a capture from the same video ;)"
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Yup that’s the one~ ^^ But I’ve never seen the video :( and I really want too TT 

"So there's this short video with Jui and Kisaki talking, and Jui is also eating and laughing I don't know exactly why..have you seen it? Do you know where it comes from? I'd love to see and hear a longer version of it but there's nothing on Google.."
asked by meowm13

I haven’t seen the full video (only a couple gifs) but I know exactly what you’re talking about. Jui is eating something and drinking wine? I know it’s from when Jui was in the Kisaki Project. But I don’t have any links to it. I’m sorry… ;___;

"Heyy! :) I'm back with another question (if you remember me though.. :D ) Does Jui know English? And is he fluent if yes? Aaaand are there any quotes by him? :3 Thanks in advance for your answer! ^-^/"
asked by meowm13

Yes yes, I remember you! ^^ And to answer your question, he knows a little from what I’ve seen and heard, but definitely not fluent. And any quotes…ehh, well there’s usually English lyrics in GR and Vidoll songs. Particularly the first lines in Blue Star ^^ . There are also a couple videos where he’s speaking English. The only video I can think of at the moment is a part in the Gekiai making where he was speaking English with Jun xD It was very cute~ 

Anyways~ I hope I answered your question! 

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