"Got one more question :3 Are there any interesting facts about Jui? 'coz I'd love to know more about him... If you can help me with this please~ *bows* I hardly found something on google. Arigatou ^_^~ P.S Sorry for disturbing again.. :3"
asked by meowm13

Well interesting can be taken many ways xD

For starters I do have an about page

But I guess I can say…an interesting fact is that he has a shellfish allergy ^^;; and there’s other things I know that may be too obvious or too strangeLike the fact that he has a birth mark in a very funny place. But I hope I helped anyways :’D

"Cool blog, I love it! Please keep up the good work :) If I can ask, what is Jui's year of birth? :3 Thanks in advance!"
asked by meowm13

Thank you very much! <3 Jui’s year of birth is 1980 ^^ and you’re welcome~

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"Vidoll is the band that got me into Jrock and I love Jui so much! I really like this blog <3 Sorry, this wasn't a question >~<"
asked by aitsudubs

Aw I’m glad to hear that~! :D Vidoll was the 3rd band I listened to but Jui’s been my bias for a very long time~ And thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoy it and I’m always happy to speak with other’s who love Jui too ^^

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